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Global Indian International School (GIIS), a premium quality international educational institute, and India’s leading music composer-singer Sheykhar Ravjiani came together in 2020 to launch the GIIS-Sheykhar Ravjiani School of Music. This marks a first of its kind collaboration between a global education institution and an Indian musician to launch a focused program to nurture and mentor upcoming talent in the field of music using state-of-the-art infrastructure and futuristic technology. Students across GIIS’ 21 campuses world over have access to the school’s curriculum. The guidance of a talented master will supplement the need of artists with a knack for music by giving them the right platform - which is the GIIS-Sheykhar Ravjiani School of Music.

Sheykhar's Stars 2020

Our Mentor - Sheykhar Ravjiani

The multi-faceted Sheykhar Ravjiani will add to the benefits for students by bringing his subject matter expertise and vast industry knowledge in the field of music for over 20 years. He has been a very popular judge of 15 music reality shows such as SaReGaMaPa, Voice kids, Indian idol, and many more – a youth Icon who has always believed in working with children. As a part of Vishal-Sheykhar music duo, they have composed over 600 songs for over 70 movies including Ra One, Chennai Express, Ek Tha Tiger, War, and scores of others.


With a holistic approach towards education, GIIS emphasizes on imbibing nine unique values in students to make them global citizens of which Performing Arts is a big component. The school has Smart Campuses around the world which uses savvy technology and the latest infrastructure to impart an education that is relevant for the 21st century. This includes dedicated music studios and Data Analytics technology for capturing student performances in all areas of their learning.

"Music is not just an expression but a channel to spread Joy and Happiness in the World. I believe that learning is a continuous process and my thinking perfectly resonates with the vision and philosophy of GIIS, of providing holistic education and focusing on value-based learning beyond academics. Mentoring and Teaching young and budding talent is my way to give back and show gratitude to everyone who believed in me and my journey."

– India's leading music composer - Singer Sheykhar Ravijani

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