Orchestrating Musical Talent

GIIS and Sheykhar are closely working together to create a world-class curriculum for the music school which is accessible to over 15,000 students across 21 GIIS schools worldwide. The selected few will have access to a holistic approach which gives weightage to a talented student to smoothen their edges and develop a nuanced understanding of music. A student who shows promise in singing, playing an instrument, mixing audio, composing music, in any of the various genres of music like Hindustani, Carnatic, Western will get personal attention to excel at this school.


Batch of 2023

Personalised Programme

Perennial Interactions

Omni Programme Mentoring

Through this robust joint venture with sheykhar ravjiani, we have curated and designed a program that provides a personal touch so our students can reap rewards like skill development, creative enhancement and appropriate industry knowledge.

How to enroll

Currently the course is available for the existing students of the Global Indian International School. If you are currently a student and would like to express your interest in the programme please share your details here and can also upload a 1 minute video / audio clip of you singing, playing an instrument or your composition, if you are a music composer/writer.

For those who are not studying at any of the GIIS campuses and would like to find out more, we would be happy to share more information of the admission process of the school. Please share your contact information here

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